AgroSense Precision Agriculture

AgroSense the one stop shop for Precision Agriculture related software, products and services.

Award winning product

Dukes choice award ceremony

Duke's choice award

Globally renowned company Oracle each year awards the best and most promising java application with the duke's choice award.

"Improving farming methods to feed a hungry world is the goal of AgroSense, an open source farm information management system built in Java and the NetBeans platform. AgroSense enables farmers, agribusinesses, suppliers and others to develop modular applications that will easily exchange information through a common underlying NetBeans framework."

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Dutch ICT Milieu award 2012

The Dutch ICT~Milieu (environment) office rewarded AgroSense with the Dutch ICT Milieu award 2012

From the jury's report: "Precision agriculture has an enormous impact on global agriculture. The open and broad appeal of AgroSense gives it valuable leverage in both the social and economic domains."

Key factors